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I have court next week for back child support. How do I insure that what I pay is applied to the arreage?

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I want to make sure that what I pay in court is applied to the arreage I have. I paid 1k 2 years ago to the attorney and it was not applied to my areage and is still part of the arreage I owe now.

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Make sure it is paid through child support collections in Raleigh. Also, always keep bank statements showing your payments. If you paid a lawyer you should have a receipt to show the court. If not, Subpoena the attorney's receipt book.

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Receipt from attorney was hand written scrap of paper. How do I get it to go through child support collections in Raleigh if judge orders me to pay immediately?

Lloyd T. Kelso

Lloyd T. Kelso


need to show it to the judge to get credit for it


The best way to ensure that all payments you make are recognized by the court towards the arrears is to make the payment directly to the Child Support Enforcement Unit instead of just bringing money to court. If you are concerned that the payment will not reach the Child Support Enforcement Unit before your court date and reflected in the account balance statement, then you should bring the payment (as a money order), at which point the court will normally ask the petitioner whether they are willing to take the payment directly and have the court recognize and inform the Child Support Enforcement Unit that payment was made, or whether the petitioner prefers that the payment is sent directly to the Child Support Enforcement Unit.

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