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I have been trespass warned for no reason at the nursing home were my 26yr old quadreplegic best friend lives,i visit hime every

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i visit him everyday,does he have the right to visitors,is this discrimination,retaliation? ??,i am his main advocate and they are aware i call the state at the dropof a dime if i think ther breaking the law,we need help and my friend now gets to suffer as if his life wasnt hard as it

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Yes, he has the right to visitors. I would contact an Elder Law attorney in your area who deals with nursing home litigation. I suspect there is something more to this than you are posting; however, retaliation for filing a report with the Department is serious. It is likely bringing in your attorney will calm the waters and get this to go away.

It would also help if you worked with the facility rather than talking about calling in the state. The old saying you get more bees with honey is true. I find even in some of the lessor quality SNFs in our area when people kill the staff with kindness their loved one gets better care. It isn't the rule or the law; however, we don't live in a courtroom and sometimes you have to suck it up for the greater good.

That said if it is serious and they do not seem to be taking your request serious you should report them. Right now I would recommend getting an attorney to help patch up the trouble with the facility and get back to your friend. He is lucky to have a friend who cares as much as you clearly do.

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thank you for your responce,it was the result of me calling the police for my friend to get back his electronic therapeutic chair which the facility locked away in another room and refused access to his private property,all i was doing was calling them for him and the administrator told the police i yell down the halls and that i am disruptive in the facility,retaliation i was issued a trespass warning and the cop did nothing about the chair,god bless and thank you



she was also some how aware i took a picture of a wheelchair blocking the fire exit and that i had called the state,that is why i think retailation,I was trespass warned about 3-4hr after i took the picture and called it in


Agree with Attorney Waddel. Contact an attorney. Your local politician, media, governmental regulatory agency may be interested in the matter. Good luck.



thank you for your advice,i contacted the aclu a about these issues as well,i'll pursue a lawyer monday,thank you and god bless


Other than calling 1800ELDERABUSE for complaints because of your beliefs of how your friend is being treated; I strongly suggest that you immediately go see a local Elder Law attorney in your area. The resolution is hard to determine by the possible lack of information you have in your posting.
See an elder law attorney since this subject can be complex and other issues are created that you might require further information. My website below may have articles that may further be of interest to you on this subject. If you think this post was helpful, please check the thumbs up (helpful) tab below. Thank you!
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