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I have been thrown out of my house that I lived with, the house was in her name, so that is legal.She has changed the locks

Margate, FL |

according to the police officer that came, I am not allowed to get my possessions, and If
I come on the lot or have any contact with her , I will be in jail and fined for harassment?
Why can't I get my things that belong to me?

I have taken care of this person who is 83 years old, and agreed to live together. I have known and been with her for almost 25yrs. She has stage 3 bowl cancer. She has thrown everyone out that comes to the house.She is a very very difficult person. She was practily thrown out of a hospital that I took her to and had to take her to another one, She rasied so much hell with doctors,nurses anyone who tells her what she is going to do. She is legally blind, but this is also a question because she watches tv and can call places in the phone book, such as a locksmith, lawyers, doctors. No one in contact with her can stand her. I have lost all my friends and my health is going down hill with having to deal with her on a daily basis.

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  1. Actually if you were living with her with her permission she can't just lock you out, she did something illegal, but it is a civil matter so the police will not get involved. You need to see a landlord tenant lawyer.

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  2. Ms. Morcroft is correct. There is no right in Florida to a self help eviction. If you have been living with her (regardless of whether you paid rent or not) she must remove you in a legal manner.

    Based on the information that you provided it seems that she would be liable for three times the monthly rent. I recommend you contact a local landlord tenant attorney to review your case.

    Best of luck.

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  3. You should go speak with someone at the local Sheriff's Office.
    Sheriff, not police.
    Ask someone at the sheriff's office if you may go back to the property.
    Show them a piece or two of mail that was addressed to you at the address.
    Show them your Driver's License with the property address on it.
    Tell them how long you have lived there and that it is your permanent residence.
    You should be allowed back in to get your stuff or to live there.

    Call a local landlord tenant lawyer if you need help.

    Good luck.

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