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I have been subpoenad so testify in a criminal case as a witness.

Nashville, TN |

I am moving thousands of miles away to another state !

Will I have to come back and if for my expenses?
What If I fly back and the case is postponed and then postponed again as I hear can happen?

State case minor felony (by my opinion)

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  1. The State will have to pay your travel expenses. Contact the DA that is handling the case and talk to them to see if they wish to proceed without you or pay for your travel, food and hotel.

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  2. The State has to pay your expenses but you need to ask the DA if they are going to use you.

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  3. More than likely the case will probably settle before the trial date. There is also a possibility that since you live so far away ,the state can find a way to not have to use you. However if none of the above happen, I think the state will pay your expenses to be here to testify.They will also make the case a priority date so it will definitely go on the first trial date because you traveled from so far away. In other words there wont be a continuance of the trial date. I would immediately call the prosecutors office and talk to the assistant district attorney handling the case and let them know you no longer live in Nashville and how inconvient it will be for you to make it to the trial. However, if they need you ,you will have to show up to avoid possible contempt of court charges. Good luck

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