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I have been publically slandered! Who do I contact to prosecute against this person?

Scranton, PA |

It was written on facebook and absolutely NOT true. This is my reputation and job at stake. They accused me of something that never happened and also called me a bigot.

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    Report the abuse to FB. Without sustaining a significant monetary loss, a defamation lawsuit would cost thousands more than you would likely recover. Defamation lawyers typically want a 5k retainer just to begin.

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  2. i would contact a local civil attorney who is part of this program

  3. Report it to Facebook.
    One problem you may encounter is that it is an opinion and not a statement of fact.
    Also, accusing someone of being a bigot is not defamation per- se.
    You will need to prove actual damages.

  4. See an atty who specializes in slander cases. There are very specific rules that vary by state. Opinions are usually not enough to sue for.

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