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I have been playing this game since October. I have invested in the game and in fact have been promoted to one of the GM.

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I have been playing this game since October. I have invested in the game and in fact have been promoted to one of the game master. But since the other game master had made a plot against me, or administrative masters has put an eye on me, and they have continuously made spies upon a time when they cant get any proofs, they banned me temporarily. Now the question is, can i report this to BBB since i have invested in it and they have not complied to the terms with regards banning?

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Of course you can complain to BBB but few gamers would ever look there.

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Honestly, if you have enough friends in the game, have them make an appeal to the owners of the game to let you continue as a GM. Other than that, unless this has harmed you in some way, there isn't much you can do (under these current facts). What is it that they think you did?

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I've been in the games industry a long time and have heard this type of situation come up several times in small independent games (MUDs and web games especially). Usually there's nothing you can do. Since you mentioned that you invested in it, do you mean that you have spent dollars on the game or did you actually sign a contract entitling you to some value in the studio (which would be the relevant kind of "investing" here)? We'd need to know things like this in order to answer your question completely, but frankly it doesn't sound like you've got much to go on here.

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