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I have been off work due to an injury for almost two years, My PPD checks will be done I guess February, is that the end?

Eau Claire, WI |

I was told they can not accommodate me now and have been terminated. What happens now, I doubt I will find a job anywhere that would hire me due to these restrictions. I was injured in my shoulder and neck while doing my job I eventually was deemed 5% PPD and have been home due to no work to accommodate, even though I was willing if they could.

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    It appears that you may well have a loss of earning capacity claim under Wisconsin law, assuming that you have permanent restrictions due to the neck (vs. the shoulder) injury. You should hire an experienced Wisconsin WC attorney to review the permanent limitations and the results of any Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) report that has been prepared.

  2. Do you have a workers' compensation attorney representing your interests? If not, why not? They work on a contingent fee basis (no recovery, no fee). You should probably go for it (hiring a lawyer) since it sounds like you "might" be applying for social security disability benefits in the future (if your injury prevents you from substantial gainful activity and there are no jobs up there that you have the education, skills, and experience to do)? You will probably need an attorney for federal benefits so why not start now?

  3. You have the option of applying for social security disability if you are unable to work any job. If you are capable of some work that is different than what you did before you will need to get serious about finding a new job before your benefits run out

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