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I have been living in the state of Florida, I got a juror subpoena in the state of New York. What can I do?

Jacksonville, FL |

According to the letter I would have to either pay $1,000 and or imprisonment, and I it says I only have 10 days with the date 03/31/2014. I will not be able to make it at all I have a job that I'm still within my probationary period. What can I do? I need help ASAP!!! Do I have to go to New YORK or can I resolve in here in Florida?

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    You wrote that you "been living in the in the state of Florida." Have you relocated permanently, or at least indefinitely? If so, you are no longer a New York resident. There should be a contact number on your juror summons. call that number. The follow up by sending the court a photocopy of your Florida Driver's license and Florida voter registration card. You will be excused from jury duty in New York.

  2. Contact an attorney. You have not provided enough information to give a definite answer. And you do need Legal Advice.