I have been intentionally and maliciously (criminally) injured in the hospital by women and they conspired with the government

Asked over 2 years ago - Newport Beach, CA

to cover it up. I used to bike, dance, jog, and enjoy life and now I can't. The hospital management and lawyers are callous, manipulative, and deceitful pepole and their government counterparts are no better. Only care about themselves. What are the legal recourses when the government is crooked and your health care providers are liars?

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Please do not forward them into the criminal category. Also, current and future medical care is manipulated and obstructed as the providers and the medical insurance et al took the medical care as the hostage to coerce and manipulate the victim. Fabricating diagnosis,blaming wrong people, absolving themselves, and transferring liabilities to others. Attacking the victim's character while offering no apologies for their own behaviors. Total garbage humans. The victim is a college educated woman who used to design military jets (proudly) and now she can't work.

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  1. Christian K. Lassen II


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    Answered . I can't give you advice with respect to the overarching conspiracy as that's outside my baliwick, but I assume that you are asking primarily whether you have a medical malpractice claim. The medical records would need to be ordered by a medical malpractice lawyer and reviewed by an expert to ascertain whether or not there was a breach of the standard of care. Thus, search Avvo's "find a lawyer" for a medical malpractice lawyer in your city or state, and call for a free consultation.

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  2. Christine C McCall


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    Answered . You have been posting about this far-flung conspiracy repeatedly (at least a dozen times) over the past few weeks, and you fight and argue with bitter invective in response to every answer by every attorney who tries to be helpful to you. At least a dozen attorneys who participate on this Q and A service have tried to help you with a response to your endlessly-evolving "question." I suggest that there is no further purpose to your repeated postings. If you intend to proceed with a legal action on these facts, you would do well to contact a civil rights attorney for advice and assistance, as so many attorneys have already told you. You have repeatedly explained that you will not do that because of your wholesale contempt for all lawyers. OK. Fair enough. But berating the attorney responders here in some prolonged effort to cause someone to say something that you want to hear is pointless by any measure. By no means will this endless rant resolve any legal problem or effect any legal remedy.

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  3. Neil Ian Fleischer

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    Answered . This is not an immigration question

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  4. Joshua Robert Dale

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    Answered . I assume you received a speeding ticket as a result of the crooked government. I totally hear ya'. Bastards get me sometimes, too. All it is is revenue generation.

    Without knowing the specific violation, I can't tell you how to approach fighting the ticket. Because the hospital management conspired with the government to take away the things you liked to do, such as biking, dancing, jogging and enjoying life, I assume that driving is one of the few things you can still do that you enjoy. It is therefore imperative that you don't collect more than four points in moving violations within a 12 month period or else you can get subjected to a license suspension hearing by the DMV.

    Getting away from helicopters and evading tails are generally not accepted by an administrative judge as extenuating circumstances justifying committing moving violations, at least not without sufficient proof of your need to commit such evasive action. In light of the breadth of the conspiracy against you, you are going to want solid evidence of such extenuating circumstances for use in either a court hearing on an individual violation or in a DMV administrative hearing on a points violation. I suggest you purchase an in-car camera system. Many companies make inexpensive in-car cameras that mount just forward of the rear-view mirror, and record images on a loop onto a removable SD card. But again, in light of the conspiracy, do not settle for a cheap model; for your own sense of well-being, I suggest getting one of the more expensive systems to ensure that no important data is lost.

    You may also want to have your vehicle swept for bugs, insomuch as what good is having rock solid video evidence if the government or hospital management knows about the video evidence and somehow alters it to use it against you. Best of luck and don't let your guard down - that's when they get you!

  5. Brian S Wayson

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    Answered . ?

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