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I have been harassed and defamed, for 2 years, since moving back to Denver. Attorney advise as to how to proceed & stop this.

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I have no criminal record. I have been harassed since my spouse passed away 8 yrs ago. It has gotten worse for me since returning to Denver, Oct. 2011. My reputation has been ruined because of the trouble this has caused me. I am unable to find a job due to defamation of my character, to the point I am treated like I am going to harm children! When I take walks, an airplane follows and tracks me, when I walk to the apt. complex for my mail, or to the apt. office to do business- When I go to the store, I am watched by local police. This has been going on since I returned 2 yrs ago. I definitely feel like I am harassed for no apparent reason! There is something amiss here, and I feel it! I very well know what the plane looks like--and I need to get to the main source of this nightmare!

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  1. You may want to get treated by a doctor, as paranoid schizophrenia is a serious condition.

  2. You are probably delusional and need therapy. Most people simply aren't interesting enough for anyone to stalk them from an airplane. Unless you are a heir to a giant fortune, a Russian spy, or a major drug kingpin, it is unlikely that anyone cares enough to follow you everywhere you go by airplane (if you are one of these things, then you definitely need a lawyer).

    However, if there is actually an airplane following you, you need to either find out who is flying the airplane or just ignore it. If you know who is following you (and spending thousands and thousands of dollars in aviation fuel to do so) then you can start trying to determine what you can do about it. Otherwise, there isn't much that an airplane can do to you from thousands of feet in the sky so you should just ignore it.

    As for the "defamation of your character", again you need to know who you believe has defamed you, what exactly they said, and who they said it to in order to have any sort of legal recourse. If you know these things, you may want to sit down with an attorney. If you do not know these details, then you need to consider whether what you are dealing with is actually real.

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  3. THis may be more of a mental health issue than a legal issue. I suggest that you speak with your physician about some testing and mental health assistance.

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