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I have been diagnosed with mild m r and I live in a group home. I want to talk to my group home manager about consensual sex.

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I am a very smart person i don't have any diseases and I am not on any meds, but i have been diagnosed with mild m r. I want to talk to my home manager about engaging in consensual sex with him, but before i approach him, I want to make sure neither of us will be in any legal trouble.

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With the additional facts you have provided, this is a very bad idea. It can be alleged that your group home manager has power over you and so has coerced you. Some jealous person can make an issue of this and create a considerable problem. If you have feelings for this person, wait until your living arrangement or his employment change so that you are not in relationship where abuse of power could be an issue.

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You do not say how old you are, but even if you are an adult, in Texas it is ILLEGAL for your group home manager to engage sexually with someone under his care in a group home. He could get in BIG trouble and even could end up as a registered sex offender. Please be the smart person you are and build a healthy relationship with someone who is not in position of authority over you. The group home manager is not an option.

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