I have been defending land and maintaining improvements upon the land for over a month, Including notice* to County Sheriff.

Asked over 1 year ago - Everett, WA

should I be in contact { certified registered mail , USPS } with the titled deed - holder to thank them for the benefit their property in my conveyances , forgive them for their laziness in maintaining and securing against possession of imminent hazards { including receipt for plywood used in boarding up broken windows , for process of Corp [ SE ] lien } or request their forgiveness for allowing my furthered hostile occupation { for continued inhabiting of the structure with my Body ; spirit : resident } ? Presently there is Constructive [ PUBLIC ] Notice of Title 18 { no trespass } posted on site and to County Sheriff Office . seeking both entitlements - Lawful and Legal . Currently the legal owner is convicted criminal and hiding to avoid prosecution . ~ God Bless Now - Here : Being : [ DIVINE ] { self ]

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I suppose I should have prefaced that I am not looking to make any arguments, and so, therefore if I become Creditor to the legal owner in Surety of Debt by holding the plywood receipt?{plywood used for the direct purpose of limiting liability to legal owners possession of-}, is it not then possible to Foreclose upon the deed via process of UCC through Article iii section 2 of the Constitution?

of course I wish want to remain at peace with all my brothers, just, how do I fully offer my forgiveness to- the laziness of others which presents hazards to my domain? {still cleaning gang graffiti and smashed doors and wall-board since bandits have been frequenting the premises for months prior to my standing;defence of public order and safety.

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  1. Jack Richard Lebowitz


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    Answered . I'm confused by your question. Are you on this property with any kind of claim of right, such as a deed, lease or title to the property, or are you just trying to do a "good deed" and "take over" a neighbor's "abandoned" property because you know he's fled to China because of criminal charges.

    Counsel may be right about adverse possession and the seven year vesting period, but that's defeated if you're there under any claim of right, such as permission from the owner or a deed or lease. Moreover, one would presume that the owner would have to pay the taxes on the property or it would be sold by the municipality at auction...and it may be unclear whether an interloper such as yourself could pay the taxes or get the tax authorities to change the registered name for the tax bill. Perhaps you could bid at the auction, but probably other people could as well.

    In any event, your right to be on the property at all at this time is murky. I don't know if I'd be sending registered letters to anyone. Consult with an attorney.

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  2. George Costas Andriotis

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    Answered . You will need possession for 7 consecutive years with other requirements met to achieve Adverse Possession in WA.

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  3. Thomas Martin Morningstar

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    Answered . I too am confused as to the nature of your claim. It may be for reimbursement of costs of preservation of property, although it could be read as a question about adverse possession. You need to put your documents in front of a lawyer for analysis. If your primary language is not English, make sure somebody who can serve as an interpreter can be present to assist with communication.

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