I have been convicted of petty theft (misdemeanor), can i get this sealed from my record before my 1 year probation?

**Question is for a friend** I am currently doing community service for this petty theft conviction. I think the judge gave me a year on probation, but due to money necessities, I NEED to get a job ASAP Both of my parents are retired and money is quickly running out and I want/need to get a job. To make things worse, the company that I was caught in, has been harassing me about paying them or i will be sued. How is that? They got their merchandise back. I made a mistake and this has been the most shameful experiences in my life. After my conviction, I found out that I should have asked the judge to be in some program for first timers, but it's too late for that now. I desperately need to get this misdemeanor sealed from my record. What can I do to show that I am not this horrible person?

Long Beach, CA -

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John M. Kaman

John M. Kaman

Criminal Defense Attorney - San Francisco, CA

Friends should ask their own questions. But the answer is that there is no record sealing process in CA where you suffer a conviction. You or your friend will have to live with this on his/her record. It will make finding jobs in retail more difficult and may disqualify this person for other opportunities as well. That's why we always say you need a lawyer even though people don't like that answer.

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