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I have been charged with possession with intent to traffick Marijuana/Hashish in BC Canada. I was wondering what will I get?

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This is my first time offence. I haven't been in any trouble with the law previously. I had marijuana, hashish and honey oil. They found a large amount of marijuana cookies as well. We called the cops to report a home invasion that was happening in our house. Someone came into our house with a gun and a taser trying to rob our house. The cops came into the house to look at the crime scene as I was hit in the head with the gun and there was blood everywhere. After about 20 minutes of the police being there, after he had looked at the crime scene he said they needed to clear the house for any other people that may be in there. At that point they said we were under arrest and they were going to obtain a warrant for the house to be searched. We were arresred and the house was searched.

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Your question is a little confusing. This is a forum for attorneys licensed in the various states of the US. You find and hire a lawyer in British Columbia if your case is being heard there. If your case is being heard in CA, you need to immediately seek the services of a seasoned criminal defense attorney who practices in the county in which your case is being heard. Regardless of where your case is being heard, you should refrain from further discussing it in this or any other online forum. Speak only to your lawyers. This is not a confidential website.


It sounds like you need an attorney from Canada. If you desire a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, you are in the right place. These are serious cases, but there are several defenses to a Possession for Sale case.

Seth Weinstein, Esq.
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This reply should NOT be considered a legal opinion of your case / inquiry. At this time I do not have sufficient factual/legal documentation to give a complete answer to your question and there may be more to the issues you raised then I have set out in my brief reply.


You need to hire a local Canadian lawyer asap. There are only US licensed attorneys on avvo. However your question does raise an important I often make: you should never interact with law enforcement for any reason unless compelled by law. Reporting alleged crime often leads to the reporter to be arrested. Never think that the police officer is your friend; he is your potential capture and must be treated as such. When you interact with police you are risking a false allegation and a lifetime of incarceration. Cops will exaggerate, lie to you, or torture you to gain evidence against you. Many are violent, use steroids, engage in perjury, and plant evidence. Some are recent veterans who think American streets should be turned into urban war zone with counterinsurgency strategies employed. Never utter a word to a cop and tape record any non-consensual interactions with then (if legal in your jurisdiction). Hire a canadian attorney ASAP. Merry 4/20


I don't know the laws in California but it sounds like you were hoodwinked by the cops. They came and arrested you and THEN got the search warrant. If they were there for a lawful purpose (it sounds like they were), and the contraband was in "plain view" then they had the right to arrest you. Did they then obtain the search warrant before they searched your house is the key question. If the search warrant isn't valid, that is a basis for a suppression motion in California. The scary part is ALSO the home invasion. Someone obviously knew you had pot and other contraband and money and was planning on robbing you. This goes with the territory of dealing. I hope it wasn't a large amount for your sake because notwithstanding no prior offenses, it could be grounds for a sales case vs. a possession case, the ladder being the less serious offense. Good luck.

Victoria L Clemans

Victoria L Clemans


I meant to say I don't know the laws in CANADA, as I am not licensed to practice law there. Best to get an attorney in your own country, and someone local.


You do need to clarify. Your question was posted in California, but you indicated the offense is in Canada. If this is a California case, its serious and speak to a local lawyer.

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