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I have been charged with petty larceny. What happens now?

Ogdensburg, NY |

I have never been in any kind of trouble before... so i have no clue what the legal process is or what happens now. There was an incident at my place of employment and they pressed charges. The officer said i was being charged with petty larceny and i really dont know what they means in legal terms. Today the officer said that the warrent was ready and I didn't even know there would be a warrent. I assumed there was just a ticket. What is really going to happen?

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Petit larceny is a misdemeanor in new york. It is a crime. You should get a competent lawyer to represent you.

The police wil issue an appearance ticket. go down to the station and let them fingerprint you, etc. Do not say anything about the alleged crime. Get a lawyer.

if this is your first offense the District Attorney will have some form of internal plea guidelines. DO NOT plead guilty. Did I say get a lawyer yet?

Let the process work itself out and you may be able to negotiate a favorable agreement that will reduce the charges to lower than misdemeanor status or perhaps get a onditional dismissal of the charges.

Get a lawyer. Admit nothing...good luck.


The very first thing you should do is stop talking to the police (and anyone else) and hire an attorney right away.

Soon, there will be an arraignment (first court appearance) set in the matter. You will go to court, hopefully with a lawyer at your side. If you cannot afford to hire your own lawyer you will likely qualify for the services of the public defender's office. You will enter a plea of not guilty and will be ordered to return for a pretrial date.

In the interim, your lawyer will discuss the case with you and your side of the story (though probably not on the first court appearance if you have a public defender). The lawyer will review the discovery and (hopefully) conduct an appropriate investigation. The lawyer will negotiate with the DA to see if the case can be resolved short of trial (most are). If the lawyer is able to show that the case has no merit, it can be dismissed before trial. If at any point, you agreed to take a deal, you will change your plea from not guilty to guilty or no contest and the judge will sentence you according to your agreed plea-bargain. If the court does not agree with the deal or you refuse to take a deal, your case will ultimately be set for trial.

Good luck,

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