I have been charged with mist.charges in dist. court.all criminal ch. dismissed.search war. thrown out.still have civil case pen

I want to file civil case against the sheriff's dept. and the org. that has the civil caste pending that I hope to win soon.This case has cost me to lose my biz. rep. and 100.000 in inventory loss of future income. Pain and suffering for my childern ect. Cant find a civil atty. to take case on % want to rep. myself on civil action to recover my loses .Need to know how to file and proceed.PLEASE HELP.

Wilson, NC -

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Dustin R. T. Sullivan

Dustin R. T. Sullivan

Criminal Defense Attorney - Bolivia, NC

Typically you will need to speak to a civil attorney who does not practice in your area. Many attorneys will not have any desire to file charges against the sheriff's office or one of their employees. Start calling some firms outside of your area to see if they would be interested in pursuing the case. Good luck.

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Damon John Chetson

Damon John Chetson

Criminal Defense Attorney - Raleigh, NC

No civil lawyer in his right mind would take a case like this on contingency. The level of proof you need to show to prove malicious prosecution is so high that the chances of successfully pursuing a civil case are too low for an attorney to invest the hundreds of hours of time/effort for no payoff.

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