I have been charged with disorderly conduct. is it possible that i can get that taken off my record for school purposes?

i got into an argument with a sibling and got arrested. the judge dropped it down to disorderly conduct. im scared this may mess up my chances of getting a job

Pittsburgh, PA -

Attorney Answers (2)

Adam D. Zucker

Adam D. Zucker

Criminal Defense Attorney - Conshohocken, PA

It is unlikely that a summary Disorderly conduct will hurt your school or employment opportunities. That said if the charge was a summary you can petition to have the charge expunged five years after you were found guilty.

Leo Michael Mulvihill Jr.

Leo Michael Mulvihill Jr.

Criminal Defense Attorney - Philadelphia, PA

I agree with Attorney Zucker.

In fact, I know several people who have gone on to have successful professional careers (Doctor/Lawyer) even with a disorderly on their record.

Leo M. Mulvihill, Jr.

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