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I have been charged with child sexual assault, a crime I did not commit, by a malicious and unethical mother.

Astoria, NY |

This woman needs to promote this dangerous lie in order to obtain permanent residency in Australia (she is a foreign national). Even though it is all a pack of lies I have been arrested, bailed out of custody, reporting to police every second day, and being ostracised and harassed by my local community. It could take 12-months to clear my name. A women's refuge group is supporting the lying mother. What should I do? How do I protect myself from these vile and disgusting lies?

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You should discuss the situation with your criminal lawyer - if you don't have one, get one. There is no way to protect yourself from a false report - but there are ways to fight once the false reports are made.


This is a very difficult issue to fight without counsel. You would benefit from reading about parental alienation.

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