I have an unpaid probation fine from 14 years ago in NC for DUI. It was a misdemeanor. Would I have a warrant for my arrest now?

I got a DUI in NC 14 years ago. I was put on probation and later moved back home to VA. I never paid my fines. I was a kid then, but it still worry about it. If I was to get pulled over in NC now would I go to jail?

Bluefield, VA -

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Timothy Kevin Wilson

Timothy Kevin Wilson

DUI / DWI Attorney - Manassas, VA

The short answer is that yes, you may have an outstanding warrant, and if you do, then yes, you may go to jail if you are pulled over and the outstanding warrant is discovered. However, this risk is not limited to North Carolina. If you are pulled over anywhere and law enforcement learn that you have an outstanding warrant, you may be taken to jail. Although I am not sure exactly what a "probation fine" is, anytime someone fails to satisfy an obligation to the Court - including payment of a fine, it is possible that the Court could issue a warrant for the arrest of that failure. At a minimum, failure to pay fine / court cost, generally results in the suspension of the license / privilege to drive. If you have survived this long without any impact on your ability to drive, I think you have been lucky. My advice is to simply contact the Court, pay the amount due and put this issue to rest.

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Brian Daniel Geno

Brian Daniel Geno

Criminal Defense Attorney - Fairfax, VA

Answered 03/18/2010: Because you have not paid your fines and costs regarding that DWI, you might get pulled over for that anywhere, not just NC. Although I cannot say for sure without more information, I suspect that you were found in violation of your probation. If it has not stopped you from getting a license in Virginia you are lucky. Why not contact them and pay the fine. Be done with it and have peace of mind. Good luck with this.

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Karyn T. Missimer

Karyn T. Missimer

DUI / DWI Attorney - Janesville, WI

I do not practice in VA or NC, but I can offer some general advice. First, I agree with the first answer.

Also, you may be able to have a NC attorney determine if there is still an outstanding warrant for you in NC. If NC has a public access system like WI, you may be able to look up your case and see if there is an outstanding warrant.

If there is no outstanding warrant, then you should not need to worry.

Good luck!

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