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I have an appeal hearing scheduled re: denial of unemployment.

Baltimore, MD |

I gave 2 weeks notice at my full-time job. My application for unemployment was denied. The reasons were due to the impact of the stress of the job that exacerbated my health--to the point that, in my opinion, was "good cause".
Due to my chronic medical conditions, I have applied for disability. Yet also am stating to unemployment via TELECERT that I can work full-time in my profession. Unfortunately, its a yes or no answer about work.....I think I can work; however, not full-time. I am in a quandry. My answers about work are "maybe," not a yes or no about unemployment.
I'm thinking I should not appeal the unemployment decision and just continue with disability app. your thoughts?

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I have handled appeals of unemployment determinations and they sometimes do get overturned. If you have proper written verification that stress caused by your supervisor amounted to a "termination" in effect, it may be worth it to appeal.

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