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I have also received a call from Provident Financial International, LLC requesting I sell my timeshare. Is this a scam?

Pottstown, PA |

I was asked to signed a letter of intent with a 6% commission fee to sell my timeshare. Not once did they mention that I also have to pay a 10% assignment fee BEFORE they will send my wire transfer to pay for the timeshare. I have now been sent to DB Escrow, LLC (their website is under construction!) and have been asked to send the 10% "assignment fee" wire transfer to their Mexican Bank, Servicios Polibibli. I tried 2 bank transfers and neither the bank nor the account number worked. I have now been asked to send the 10% wire transfer thru a Wells Fargo or First Niagra account. Is this a scam and how do I get out of it?

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    Don't send anything further!!! You should call the Pennsylvania Attorney General's office to get them to act quickly on your behalf. People like this fly with the wind and you need to get them while the trail is hot.

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  2. Anything that asks for wired money, especially to a foreign bank, is a scam. Don't do it.

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  3. SCAM. Don't do it. They will take your money and give you NOTHING.

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