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I have a warrant out for my arrest, can I get aressted if i go pay my ticket?

Kansas City, MO |

I have a warrant out for my arrest because I didnt show up for court on traffic ticket, I want to go pay for my ticket, Can I get arressted if I go pay for my ticket at the courthouse?

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You should immediately call the number on your ticket and talk to the clerk of the court. Ask if there is a warrant for your arrest, and if there is, ask the clerk what your bond is. Have someone drive you to court and pay your bond at the clerks window during business hours. If you don’t feel comfortable going for yourself, have someone else go the clerk’s window with your ticket and see if they can post bond for you.

No, courthouse security does not screen people for warrants as they come in the courthouse door. This would discourage people from coming into pay their bonds.

When you post bond, get a new court date, a continence, or simply go ahead and pay your traffic fine. You may also owe additional money for failing to appear - usually $25-35 (in Kansas City).

One warning though. Lots of people in this situation choose to drive to court themselves to post bond. I recommend against doing this. Getting pulled over is the easiest way for a police officer to find out you have a warrant and arrest you. It is simply easier to stay out of law enforcements purview by not driving, while having a warrant.

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