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I have a warrant issued for my arrest for failure to appear. If I go to the court to settle this, will I be arrested when I go?

Peoria, AZ |

I missed my court date, and a warrant was issued, It was a criminal charge of driving with a suspended license.

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I recommend calling a local attorney to find out what it will take in that court to quash the warrant. It would be helpful to re-license before you go to court but that is not always possible with a warrant. Call a lawyer in the area near the court and ask them the best way to proceed. Some courts allow you to post a small fee to quash the warrant via the clerk and then the court sets a court date for you to appear. If your court will do that for you that will give you the time needed to re-license. Many courts have different policies and procedures for warrants so it is important to check with a local criminal defense attorney for that court or you could very well be arrested if you show up.

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I agree with the first answer. I would add many courts in WI allow you to turn yourself in after warrants are issued. But because you may be taken into custody, I would at least consult with experienced, local attorneys before you make an appointment to turn yourself in. That way you will better understand what is likely to happen considering the facts of your case and your individual circumstances.

I urge you to not only consult with local, experienced criminal defense attorneys, but to hire one. Your chances of negotiating a deal you can live with or fighting the charges successfully increase exponentially with an attorney on your side.

Further, most initial consultations are free. So, you have nothing to lose at first.

Good luck!

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