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I have a Warrant for my arrest on a contempt of court what can I do?

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I was served with a Writ of Garnishment I did not respond to the garnishment. I was then served with an Order for Examination of Judgment Debtor. I missed the court date due to work. I could not leave my job there was not one to cover for me at work. I was then served with a Motion for Order to Appear and Show Cause RE: Contempt this paperwork did not have a court date. I then received in the mail a Motion for Order Holding Defendant in Contempt and Issuance of Arrest Warrant. Now what do I do. I did not receive any paperwork with a court date on it for the second appearing?

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By failing to appear for judgment debtor examination, you subjected yourself to contempt of court. Having to work is not an excuse; you're expected to be there for court summons. You need to hire an attorney to defend yourself. They may be able to get the charge dismissed if you immediately provide the requested information.

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Locally those warrants and contempts are often dismissed if the person owing money sets up and attends a rescheduled conference. You might call the court and see if they will recall the warrant and setup an appearance for you. Be careful and do not reveal your location, some court staff would send folks to arrest you. If they will not just quash the warrant, go see an attorney. And I wouldn't suggest pleading to anything without an attorney.

Jay Bodzin

Jay Bodzin


To say the least! Definitely do not plead to anything without consulting with an attorney first.


Contact the court, contact an attorney, and contact your employer - as you may be missing a few days of work if you are taken into custody.

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