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I have a warrant for my arrest if I go to the court house to start a payment plan will they arrest me

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The warrant is failure to take care of financial responsibility

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Call the court and ask the clerk what their policy is. Many courts have a policy of not arresting people who come in to take care of business. But you should call to make sure before you try that option. Also, typically if you have a failure to appear warrant, the court will require you to post the full amount of the ticket as bond if you intend to take your case to court. A traffic ticket attorney could go to court for you and negotiate a resolution for you--e.g., a reduced fine that you might be able to afford. But the court will almost always require you pay the agreed fine and court costs before recalling the warrant. You might try calling some traffic lawyers in Arlington / Ft. Worth area to see what they can do for you.

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Its not a failure to appear n court its a failure to pay the ticket I was given


That does not quite make sense. If you were not convicted, then the warrant is for a failure to appear in court. I agree with the suggestion you call the court. If indeed you have been convicted, you may not be able to make a payment plan at this time - it may be too late. If it is for a failure to appear and a ticket, hire a local lawyer who handles traffic matters as they are likely to be able to get you a better deal.

Cynthia Henley

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If you just pay that ticket off, it will be a conviction. Convictions for no insurance tickets affect your driving record. If at all possible, you should hire a ticket attorney to post an attorney bond to lift the warrant. Ticket attorneys don't charge much to do this. If you've gotten insurance, the attorney can at least get you deferred to prevent the conviction and can get the fine reduced. This is a much smarter way to spend your money at this point.

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