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I have a warrant for domestic violence in texas . Do I have to bond out or can i have an attorney try to get it dismissed first.

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My ex girlfriend filled charges that were false and did it 2 weeks after our argument. I dont want to waste money on a bond if an attorney can fight the warrant first. What can you suggest?

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  1. Once the case goes to warrant status, you have to take care of that warrant and fight the case in court after you arrange your bond. An attorney won't be able to get the case dismissed before you take care of the warrant by just going to the police or the prosecutor and telling them the allegations are false and tardily reported. Start calling bonding agents and shop for the best deal you can get on the bond, and meanwhile, find an attorney who does domestic violence cases in your jurisdiction.

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  2. Prosecutors will not negotiate cases where the defendant is unapprehended. An attorney cannot do anything for you until you post the bond. Your attorney can't fight the warrant. He can only fight the charges.

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  3. You will need to post a bond and hire a lawyer. Prosecutors will not work on cases in which the client is "on the run" - out of custody and not on bond. There is no choice but to handle it in such a manner (or be in jail while the lawyer works the case.)

    Cynthia Henley

  4. You cannot have a case dismissed while it is a warrant. You will have to post a bond or turn yourself in. If the bond is extraordinarily high, you may have an attorney tray and reduce , but the court may require that you are in custody to have this matter considered.

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