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I have a warrant for a traffic ticket in Stafford Tx. I now live in Houston Tx. Will they arrest me my home in a different city?

Houston, TX |

I'm worried because I'm a stay at home mom with 2 kids and I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant with insulin dependent gestational diabetes.. I can't go to jail but I can't afford the $200 ticket either after just paying the hospital 2 grand up front to have my baby there in a few weeks.

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    A warrant is an order to the police that if they come into contact with you, they are to arrest you and bring you to the court that issued the warrant. It will not go away. They can arrest you even in another city. They probably won't come to your home, but if you are involved in a traffic stop, or have other police contact, they can arrest you. Even next year, the year after that, or six years from now when you and the kids are taveling home from the store.

    Anyway, you have to do something because it won't go away. Contact a local lawyer for a free consultation (someone who handles traffic tickets). They may be able to help you get this taken care of without too much trouble. Good Luck!!

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  2. My advise would be to contact the city count in Stafford and find out how you can lift the warrant. One option is typically to just pay the ticket This is a plea of guilty and a conviction. Also you have the option of posting a bond through a local bondsman or posting a cash bond with the city. If you post a bond you will be given another court date and you will have to appear on that date or they will issue a warrant for you. You may want to contact a local traffic lawyer who may be able to post the bond for you and represent you in court. The warrant will not go away so take care of this to avoid the risk of being picked up.

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