I have a Vintage dress store and wanted to see if I could use pictures of celebrities from the past on my website?

I have obtained pictures from the web that don't show what photographer took them or where they even came from. Do I have the legal right to use these on my website? Thanks!

Houston, TX -

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Richard T Matthews

Richard T Matthews

Intellectual Property Law Attorney - Raleigh, NC

Unfortunately, this is not an easy question to answer as each picture would likely need to be evaluated individually. I strongly recommend you consulting with an IP attorney to view the potential copyright for each picture.

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Kerry Blasingim

Kerry Blasingim

Intellectual Property Law Attorney - Saint Louis, MO

There are a lot of different issues here that need to be addressed by an IP lawyer who can sit down and discuss the matter with you.

First, the photographs and the copyrighted intellectual property of the photographers and cannot be legally reproduced without the permission of the rights-holders. If they're *really* old photographs (from before 1900) that might not be an issue, but it's going to be require you to track down and verify when each photograph was taken, by whom, and who currently holds the rights.

In addition, when you're using the image of a celebrity for your commercial gain, many states are going to say that you're violating that celebrity's right of publicity. For living celebrities, that could mean a lawsuit - even for some dead ones, it could (TN, for example, has expanded the right of publicity indefinitely to protect the Elvis industry). So, you might run afoul of the individual celebrities' interests in addition to those of the copyright holder.

These are just the things that I noticed from your brief statement; sitting down with an IP attorney would give you an opportunity to go over your options and the risk associated with each and to make the best decision for your business.

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Daniel Nathan Ballard

Daniel Nathan Ballard

Intellectual Property Law Attorney - Sacramento, CA

I don't think this is a complicated question at all. No, you may not lawfully publish someone else's photograph [because the photographs are protected by copyright] and, no, you may not use the image of a celebrity to advertise your store [because the celebrity has a right of publicity that publishing the photographs would violate]. Your plan is a non-starter.

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