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I have a valid MN Driver's License. My WI License was revoked. Do I need to reinstate my WI DL to drive legally in WI?

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I live in MN and have a valid MN driver's license. I received an OWI in WI in September 2012. My WI driver's license was suspended and then revoked. My WI driver's license was eligible for reinstatement on May 9th 2013. I still have a valid MN driver's license and continued to have a valid MN license throughout this period of WI revocation. Do I need to pay the $200.00 to WI to reinstate my WI license to drive legally in WI or can I legally drive with my MN license?

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A person with a valid Minnesota Drivers License can lawfully drive in compliance with it in Minnesota. If the person has a revoked Wisconsin license, they will not be able to lawfully drive in Wisconsin. It would be wise to get the Wisconsin Drivers License reinstated as soon as can be done, since it is possible Minnesota could revoke the Minnesota license, based upon the Wisconsin revocation, sooner or later. That would create more trouble that most do not feel they have time for.

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Thank you. This is helpful.


This issue comes up a lot in WI border counties. Obviously, you can drive in MN, but whether you need to pay to reinstate your WI license is a little trickier. It appears as though you had a MN license when you got the WI OWI. If that is the case, MN may, in the future, revoke your license, when they learn of the OWI in WI. If you never actually had a WI license, the revocation issue gets messy for the WI DOT. They have nothing they can revoke from you, as you were never licensed in WI. I have seen cases where the WI DOT refuses to take action because the driver was licensed in another state. I would want more information before telling you that you could drive in WI without paying the reinstatement. You may want to consult with an attorney about this issue and I strongly recommend bringing any and all paperwork you have related to your license and OWI with you so that any attorney you meet with knows as much as possible right away.

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