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I have a ticket for marijuana possession under 20 grams in Sarasota fl

Sarasota, FL |

and its my first ticket i never have problems with the police before , i would like to know whats gonna happen to me , if they suspend my driver license i dont smoke so if they make a drug test and is negative what are my options? i have court . thank you!

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  1. Although you have not been in trouble before, keep in mind that Possession of Cannabis

  2. You should definitely speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney who can help you with this situation. I know it might be tempting to just go into Court and enter a Guilty plea, but you need to be aware that a conviction for Possession of Marijuana carries a mandatory two (2) year driver's license revocation (as well as other negative consequences).

    You may be eligible for a diversion program (sometimes called "Pre-Trial Intervention" or "PTI"), which could lead to your charge being dismissed by the State Attorney's Office. Furthermore, you may be eligible to have your record Sealed or Expunged (at the completion of your case), which may help you greatly going forward in life.

    Please feel free to call our Office if you have any questions or need any assistance on this matter.

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  3. Just because you got a notice to appear for possessing marijuana does not mean you are necessarily guilty or you don't have defenses available to you. You should consult with an experienced attorney to get advice before you decide what to do with your case. For instance, if the officer only discovered the marijuana after a search of you or your vehicle, an experienced attorney will ensure that your 4th Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches and seizures was not violated. If it was, an attorney can file a motion to suppress the evidence and if it is granted the state will ultimately have to drop the case.