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I have a third degree felony conviction aroundb ten years ago, can I own a firearm in florida

West Palm Beach, FL |
Filed under: Felony crime

I applied for concealed weapons permit in florida and was granted one I went to buy firearm at store with it and FDLE said no. I appealed and they still said no and sent me back my florida record . I am confused because everything is misdemeanors except for this third degree felony of grand theft from 1997.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. I am not sure why you are allowed to have a concealed weapons permit, but cannot buy a firearm. Starnge. But, if your record shows that you wer adjudicated guilty, rather than getting a withhold, then you are considered a convicted felon and cannot own a firearm.

  2. I agree with Don's answer, and would add that it's possible that FDLE is permitting you to carry various concealed weapons such as a knife or mace (etc.), but firearms are off limits for convicted felons. Even petitioning the Governor's Office of Clemency may get your civil rights restored so that you are able to vote, but I haven't seen them restore the right to possess a firearm....

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