I have a suspended license in Texas and I was offered a job in Arizona that requires an Arizona license. What are my options?

I have a suspended license in Texas for driving with an invalid ID. I was offered a job in Arizona that requires an Arizona drivers license for insurance purposes. Now, I don't have the greatest driving record in Texas and the restriction prevents me from surrendering my license to the state of Arizona. What other options do I have? This is a once and a life opportunity and this specific situation will make or break the job offer. Once I pay my reinstatement fee of 275.00 to the DMV and the TXDOT fines I will have my driving privileges back but I will only have an occupational license until my suspension is up. I still can't surrender my license with that. What can I do? What are my other options?

Phoenix, AZ -

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Ruth Elaine McMahon

Ruth Elaine McMahon

Business Attorney - Bradenton, FL

It sounds as though you have no options. Arizona will check the status of your TX license before issuing a new license. The insurance company will check your records before issuing insurance. With a poor record, nothiong will happen.

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