I have a surgical clip that was left inside of me what should I do?

Asked over 3 years ago - Warren, PA

Ok! I had a c section 2 years ago and ever since the surgery I have been having abdominal pain. I have been going to a medical doctor for over 2 years trying to find out the cause for my pain. As of recently they have found through an ultra sound that I have an enlarged spleen so they sent me to have a CT scan. The results came back showing that my left ovary is no longer visible and there is a clip in place where my ovary was. I believe I may be having internal bleeding because of this as there is blood in my stools and my blood pressure is 82/56. I am in a lot of pain and extremely tired all the time which makes it difficult to take care of my kids. Is this considered malpractice and what damage could this clip cause to my other organs?

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  1. L. Maxwell Taylor

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    Answered . You should consult a lawyer licensed in Pennsylvania who represents plaintiffs in medical malpractice cases, and do so right away. Obtain a copy of the CT scan on a CD, as well as any written report about the results of the CT scan, and bring it with you to the consultation with the lawyer.

    Not legal advice as I don't practice law in Pennsylvania. It's just my two cents on the facts you describe. See a lawyer who brings medical malpractice cases right away, and consult your physician concerning the symptoms you are experiencing.

    Good luck

  2. Charles Thomas Jr.

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    Answered . First, deal with whatever you need to deal with medically.

    Then, call a malpractice lawyer, because this might be a real case.

  3. Christian K. Lassen II


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    Answered . If you were injured due to the doctors leaving foreign objects in you, a medical malpractice lawyer should be consulted for a free consultation to discuss.

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  4. Jason Kutulakis

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    Answered . You should consult with and retain an attorney immediately for a number of reasons. The statute of limitations, or the time in which you must bring a suit, is two years from the date of injury or the date in which you first learn of the malpractice. Here there is an argument, albeit not that strong, that the statute is close to running out. In PA, in order to bring and perfect a medical malpractice law suit, you will need to obtain a Certificate of Merit from a like licensed surgeon. If you retain a lawyer now, you may be able to use your treating physician. You should also begin keeping a detailed daily journal of your treatment, limitations, pain levels, etc.

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