I have a six month no contact restraining order against my ex. now shes texting and calling all the time asking for it to drop.

she is under a no contact restraining order in florida including no 3rd party. she sent me a message few weeks ago which i interpreted as an emergency, she called and i answered, all she asked me was to please drop the restraining order, i said no. i just saw in my blocked log on my phone that she is texting and calling daily, claiming shes contesting the order and gonna drag me back to court unless i drop it voluntary. now shes calling my work phone which i can not block. can i still have her arrested for violating the order.

Pensacola, FL -

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Radha Rothrock

Radha Rothrock

Tax Lawyer - Fort Myers, FL

Report it to the State Attorney's Office. Show them the texts and play them the phone messages.

Eugene P. Castagliuolo

Eugene P. Castagliuolo

Litigation Lawyer - Largo, FL

Ms. Rothrock is right on, but if there is other, more tangible evidence (for example, if she follows you or comes to your home), don't wait to present your evidence to the SA, call the police or sheriff and have her arrested for violating the order.

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