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I have a RATING Mandatory Settlement Conference scheduled for April . Can I request this be the Settlement Conference as well ?

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I want to find out if the RATING Conference and a Settlement Conference be combined . After all , if they are simply going to give both sides the rating at that hearing , why not just start the settlement at that time . Why wait months to schedule a Mandatory Settlement Conference when the two can be accomplished at the same time ?

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    You can talk to the other side and if they agree, you can ask the court and see if you can also set it for a settlement conference at the same time or even court mediation program in Los Angeles?

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  2. I assume this is work comp. You should talk to your lawyer. The parties can always negotiate and try to reach a settlement at any time. The rating conference may help facilitate that. Certain calendars and time is set forth to focus on the subject of the conference. The trail date may be set, but again, the parties can settle before that. If they havent done so, the court wants to take one more shot at facilitating settlement, and thus there is a settlement conference held before trial.

  3. They probably will try to settle at the Rating MSC. The only difference is that Discovery does not close. Sometimes a Cross-Examination of doctor or supplemental report is needed if something is missing.

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  4. You can talk settlement anytime with the other side, including any hearing. But getting the WCAB to set two simultaneous hearings is not likely.

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