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I have a quick question. If security steals your property, and you grab it back after more security shows up. Does that

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Give them the right to detain you? I read in the state of Nevada security at hotel/casinos can detain someone for a misdemenor (which used to be a felony). But a misdemenor is anything classified of $100 or more. What if you told the other security guards that this other security officer has your belongings? And they kept telling you to "calm down" "its a misunderstanding". So they with that knew , that was your property. But after them not helping you , you grab it back out of the security guards hands and then are detained and assaulted and imprisoned. I was trying to read up on things, of false imprisonment and it is saying that security has the right to detain you if they think or see you committing the act of a misdemenor. Is that senario considered false imprisonment

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Where did you come up with this $!00 business? Stealing a penny would be a misdemeanor.

If that is the only basis for the detention being wrongful, there is nothing here.

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The reason why I am asking this. Because 1 my property was stolen by security, 2 I grabbed it back in front of other security guards who were not helping me get my property back. With me grabbing it back the other guards through me to the floor and detained me in handcuffs and to a back room. Now like I said I know from what I read that nevada law in casinos is a security guard can not detain you unless you are committing a felony but they now changed that to a misdemenor. Stealing a phone would be considering a misdemenor. BUT the phone was my property to begin with and someone stole it from me so I grabbed it back. On that sole basis that the other guards "saw me infront of them grab my phone back" even though they knew it was my property because I told them this ...they still detained me. I just wanted to know some legality behind it because in reality they had no right to detain me, but im guessing they can play the card of well he committed a misdemenor infront of me by grabbing a phone (which they knew it was mine to they can always say they didnt know , right?). All in all im saying ...they can't detain me and false imprison me for grabbing my own property back from someone that stole it from me to begin with? Right? That would ultimately be false detainment because they had no grounds or basis for their actions...right?

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