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I have a question about my credit report

Dothan, AL |

i checked my credit report the other day...i have an open account for the amount of $ not sure if i want to dispute it or not..cause truth of the matter i have no idea what it is about or from what company...The only information i have is the amount and the collection agency is ENHANCRCVRCO....when i entered this in google search...its states something about mortgage and insurance...well ive never had a mortgage...when i tried to find a number for this company..i came up empty question to you guys you know what company this there another name for this cmpany and if so, do you happen to have a phone number i can reach them at to see what this debt is all about....Im sorry for bothering you with this, but i figured if anyone knew who they are, its u

Attorney Answers 1

  1. This is Enhanced Recovery Company, LLC and they are a collection agency. You can visit them on the web at I would not call them but rather send them a letter disputing the debt and asking for validation. If you do end up calling them, be mindful of what you say... They are debt collectors and could care less about you. Don't give them any bank account numbers or offer any information that can help them in their quest to ruin your life! It's a small amount. If you do owe whatever it is they are trying to collect, you may want to try and settle. If you do settle, make sure you get it in writing before you make any payments. Also, try and negotiate having this removed from your credit report as part of your settlement. Good Luck.

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