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I have a question about having full custody of my child

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I have full physical custody of my child her mother signed over her fights to me in the divorce, my lawyer drew up paperwork giving her every other weekend. she gave her to me due to drugs and not having a home to go to. also the stipulations state that on her every other weekend she has to have a suitable place to keep our child. since signing over her rights to me she has moved back into her mothers house and is clean off drugs and I know that no harm will come to my child there so I have been letting my childs mother see her more than her every other weekend. My question is by letting her see our child more if in the future she tries to take me back to court for more rights will me letting her see our daughter more hurt my chances of keeping full custody

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With all due respect, you need to adjust your attitude. Your child's mother did not "sign over" her rights to you. She did what was best for your child at the time and that was to decline to fight for custody. She has as much right to parenting time as you do and you have been pretty good about seeing to that.

As for the future, there is no way to anticipate what will happen. You have sole custody. "Letting" the mother see her child is a poor choice of words. As least you do see that the child is "ours" and not "yours." What difference does it make if you have full custody, which relates more to decision making than it does to parenting time? No, your chances do not change unless you become less responsible as a parent. If you are not in fear for your child, it is wonderful of you to agree to more parenting time for the mother. Both mother and child need each other as much as father and child need each other.

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Good Lord!! What is it you're interested in, your child, or som eephermeral "rights?" Your mind seems locked in a struggle with yoru ex. Please go back and read your question; it is, essentially: "should my child spend more time with her drug-free Mom . . . or will that hrt my rights?"

What is wrong with you?

Do what is right for your child. Try to put your own interests a little bit behind your child's.

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