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I have a qildro and now I need a calculation order . How do I get this?

Chicago, IL |

Ex Husband recently passed and I just received letter stating I need calculation order.

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  1. Was your Qildro ever entered by the court? There should be a formula for how much you are to receive. "Calcuation order" is an odd term. You should return to your lawyer or hire another one who is familiar with preparation of QILDROs.

  2. Like Judy said go back and consult with the lawyer who did the Quildro. Never heard of a calculation order.

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  3. Yes a calculation order is required. Under the new QILDRO procedure, the QILDRO itself can be based on a formula. However, the plan will not do the calculation itself. Therefore, you need to complete a calculation order. Like the QILDRO itself, the calculation order is a set form and really comes down to inserting the right information into the right spaces and then using a calculator. Next, you have to follow the right steps to send notice and have a court enter the order.

    This has been the process for QILDROs ever since the new law allowing percentage divisions of Illinois retirement plans and setting a specific required format for QILDROs. The plan likely also has a form calculation order it will want you to use. See an attorney if you feel unable to complete the tasks yourself. Definitely consult with an attorney if you have any hesitation. The process and preparation should be relatively inexpensive.