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I have a psychotic neighbor that's been vandalizing our car! What can I do?!

Los Angeles, CA |

8 mos ago this creep woke up half our apt bldg at 3:30am! we told him to STFU and he's been harassing us ever since - mostly small stuff, but it's escalating! started out w/nails in the tires, then he threw some smelly piss on it, which washed off fairly quickly; but now, he's crossed the lines into felony land - he broke into the car w/a slim jim, opened the bk door, lifted the bk carpet and soaked the carpet w/the same nasty smelling piss! It's ruined the carpet and needs to be replaced - damage is now well over $500. I'd like to catch this creep and watch him marched off to jail! There's a video tape that he tampered with! We just need to prove it! Any advice??

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Does the management have any video surveillance cameras? If so, you can get them to position the camera on your carport and get evidence that way. You also need to make a police report and tell them who you think is doing this stuff. If they visit his apartment, that may scare him off. If not, you can file a small claims case for your damages, but the court will require PROOF that the neighbor did the damage. Your suspicions about him will be insufficient.



yes, there are cameras, but the guy's a videographer and possibly erased/deleted /paused/tampered w/them.. he broke into our car and probably the video room as well.. we viewed some 13+ hrs of footage and it 'should' have been there, but wasn't. There are 2 'suspect' items that are on it.. the evening before, he got into another vehicle (friend's??) and drove all the way to the back of the garage where we park, stopped a moment and turned around - def 'weird'! and then, the night we believe he did it, his car semi-parks, then stays for 26 mins; then, moves up a bit and stays for 24 mins longer! a total of 50 mins and plenty of time to do the deed - and 'cover his tracks'!! the camera also doesn't catch him getting out of the vehicle - it skips to the next camera!! Very weird! We've requested a copy of the tape for a 48 hr window; maybe a professional can tell if it was paused and/or tampered w/somehow! He did it somehow - we just have to figure out How!! I've also thought about a TRO, but don't know how much good that would do - and considering how psycho the guy appears to be, am afraid it might do more harm than good! Creepy situation.. we've bought new mace/pepper spray and I try and go w/my daughter to and from the garage! -this guy definitely isn't too stable!


Contact the police. You may need to get some proof that he is the one doing this. Set up your own video camera somewhere that he can't see it or interfere with it. If you catch him on tape, then you will have your proof.



He's not wanting to give me a copy of the surveillance tape! I'm guessing he knows a professional can tell that it's been Tampered w/!! Police are helping. It's LA, so it's a slow boat to China.. thx for yur help!! Hoping for enuf evidence to see him led off in handcuffs.. we'll see:)

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