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I have a NYS tax levy from 2006 much to my surprise. My bank acct now has a hold on it and I have no money to operate at all.

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The total bill they claim with penalties and interest is over $14000. My bank acct had $1500 dollars in it leaving me with a bill for $12500 and no access to any cash. My bill is with their collection department. So now any money that I put into this acct goes directly towards this bill. I am out of work with bills to pay. They told me that this was all because of an unfiled tax return for 2006 and that I was notified. I have been moving around a lot lately and any notices they sent went to a place I was no longer in. I am caught completely by surprise.
Where do I go from here? How can I get access to my accts so that I can function? Am I really going to owe all of this money when the original bill wasn't even more than $1000?
What should I do? Please help.

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You should speak to an attorney familiar with both Florida law (where you live now) and NY law. Bankruptcy might be an option, but since the tax and penalty is for an unfiled tax return, the debt may be non-dischargeable. Your best bet may be to negotiate with NY to make a payment plan to pay off the taxes. Please contact a local attorney to help you figure out your options.

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I'm not licensed to practice in New York, but I would advise placing a call to the Department of Revenue to see if you could potentially file your original 2006 return as opposed to a balance they have assessed you in hopes of lowering the bill.

Patricia A Dzikowski

Patricia A Dzikowski


Some taxing authorities will release levies if they create undue hardship or if you have entered into a payment plan with them.

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