I have a merit Osha whistleblower case.

I have a merit Osha whisteleblower retaliation and discrimination case against a private employer. If anybody wants this case, then respond. Thank you.

Las Vegas, NV -

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Thomas D. Boley

Thomas D. Boley

Personal Injury Lawyer - Las Vegas, NV

Unfortunately, there is an extremely high standard to meet before you even reach private counsel on these cases. If you are still employed, you should report through the company's reporting procedures outlined in your employee manual. If you have been discharged, you need to file a report with the state agency Nevada Equal Rights Commission (NERC). Private counsel is unlikely to be interested in a case until the state agency has done its investigation. The vast majority of complaints are found to be without merit.

Look up NERC online and start there. They will also advise if you need to file a complaint with the Federal agency EEOC. Good luck.

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