I have a limited driving license due to a DUI, they expired on Oct 9 but I cant take the class till Oct 19 can I get a extention

Asked 12 months ago - Macon, GA

I was convicted of a DUI in Oct of 2012. The judge let me keep my license but as a limited permit where I can only drive to and from work. I can get my full privileges back when I take a defense driving class. I have not been able to take the class because of my work schedule but I will have vacation time for me to take the class in the middle of Oct. The problem is my limited permit expires on the 9th of October. So can I get an extension and how do I go about doing so. Also I have paid all my fines, community service, and probation.

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  1. David Edward Boyle

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    Answered . If you have a had a year to take a 20 hour class it is not likely you will get an extension. The class is risk reduction dui school, not defensive driving. It is a requirement to get your license reinstated. For a first DUI you could have completed the class within 120 days and already had your license reinstated. I highly recommend you take a day off of work or got the class on the weekend or evening. Different places offer different classes. It doesn't matter where you go.

  2. Daniel Ellis Rice

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    Answered . As it is the Dept. of Driver Services that issues the limited permit, you should contact them about a possible extension. It is not clear whether your limited permit's Oct. 9th expiration date coincides with the end of your DUI sentence, or if there is just an overlap between the length of the sentence and permit period. Regardless, I would first contact the DDS, and see if they are willing to give you an extension. If they aren't willing to, I advise speaking with a DUI attorney about possible other options. However, keep in mind you may just have to wait it out (possibly with finding alternative transportation until you satisfy the DD class requirement). Good luck.

  3. Greg Howard Bell

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    Answered . Probably not. But it is worth checking. The DDS is fairly random. I have gotten different results by doing something as simple as having my client go back to the same office and ask a different staffer.

    I am only licensed to practice in GA, so this advice absolutely needs to be followed up by a consultation with at... more
  4. Derek Anthony Patrin


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    Answered . I agree with both of my colleagues from Georgia who already provided answers. It sounds like the best thing to do would be to find a way to take a different class prior to 10/9/13. Good luck.

  5. Mark Christopher Post


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    Answered . It will likely be much easier (and cheaper) for you to take the class. If you don't want to take the class, I advise you to hire an experienced attorney to further explore your options.

  6. James Lawrence Yeargan Jr.


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    Answered . I'd call DDS at 404-657-9300, and ask them. It is probably easier just to take the class and get the license reinstated.

    James L. Yeargan, Jr. is licensed to practice law in the State of Georgia. All information given is based only on... more

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