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I have a legitimate question. I was in the military and we had to show the radar gun when asked for the speed of the gun.I was

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pulled over on highway 360 in virginia.I will admit that I was doing 66 miles a hour.I was going north bound and the officer that supposedly saww me was going south on 360.He caught up to me at about 1 1/2 mile later.I asked what did I do.He said I clocked you back their doing 72miles a hour.I said that is impossible.Maybe someone else.May I see the radar gun.He said no,We do not have to show it to you.I said how do you calibrate it? He said what?I said again.How do you calibrate it? What would you use. He said I dont know. I said dont you internal and externally calibrate it with a tunning fork. He said oh. oh yeh yeh.Let me see your license and registration..He wrote the ticket for a speed I did not even do.I said ,Do I get a break.Nope.Can I see the radar gun.NO.Is this unconstituniona

I would think that this also is a civil rights issue.Those radar guns are portable.There would not be a issue of safety for the trooper or the pasenger of the vehicle.There is such a thing of the officer lying and being able to stand up against your accuser and being able to see the evidense.You can tdo that with the radar gun because it gets cleared.Can you answer and help me out.Robert

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It is a common misconception that traffic officers must show their radar guns upon request of the motorist. This simply isn't true. However, if you choose to dispute your charge, you (or preferably your attorney) can determine all sorts of information about the radar gun including maintenance records, training records, method and frequency of calibration, etc.

You should consult with a criminal defense attorney familiar with these issues. Many can be found here on Avvo.

Best of luck.

John Buckley

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Agree with John. In Virginia, law enforcement not required to show readout on RADAR. In fact, in most cases, the police do not even "lock in" the speed. However, some agencies may have a policy regarding whether to show the readout. This issued is typically the same for VASCAR and LIDAR.

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