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I have a issue that I need insight on, I recently bought a car, then the owner of the car I bought proceeded to buy my truck, H

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He did not have the pink slip for his car though, so the next day me and him went to dmv and he signed the car over to me, and I had to pay the dmv fees and show them the bill of sale, they also had him fill out some papers. They gave me a document with my name on it stating my address and name as well as the vin number for the car I bought, the paper says it’s a incomplete application because the pervious owner still needs to give me the pink slip. So today he calls me and tells me he wants to give me my truck back and he take his car back because he shorted out a fuse that caused a slight fire. I told him I cannot trade back because its not my fault that the truck. He wants me to pay for half the repair costs on the truck, if I refuse he says he will sue.

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Try to work it out. do it in writing, so that if he does sue, you will have a record of exactly what happened.


While I cannot give you legal advice in this forum, these types of disputes are better worked out amongst the parties out of Court. If you sue him or he sues you, both of you will most likely be unhappy at the end of the day given all of the time and expense that will go into the lawsuits.

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