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I have a friend that has lived w a man for 21 yr. If she leaves is she entitled to 1/2 of the house and what other things would

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House car truck household items standard of living retirement

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  1. If they aren't married, she is not entitled to a division of assets that a wife is entitled to. Absent some other agreement or proof that she paid for the truck, house, etc., she gets nothing.

  2. Nothing in your question indicated that the parties were married, therefore, there is no division of assets.

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  3. Your "friend" is entitled to all of the property that your "friend" owns. Beyond that, your "friend" can expect nothing. No "standard of living," no retirement, no car, no truck, no household items, no nothing.

    It probably would have been better for her had they married.

  4. She is entitled to her property only. If she and the man purchased things together, they have to divide them in the same way that two people who were not romantically involved would divide them. If the asset is one with a formal title, such as a house or car, the presumption will be that it is owned by the person who is named on the title as the owner. If they are both on the title, they are both the owners. Because they were not married, she is not entitled to receive anything that is in his name alone, including his retirement plan benefits.

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