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I have a FL drivers licensee and got a DUI in PA with a .16 BAC

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I got a DUI in PA while I have a FL registration/ drivers license. My BAC was .16+ and there was an accident (no injuries). I had marijuana in my system along with a prescription drug of xanax. I willingly gave a blood test. I want to move back to FL since I've been living here for a few months and I want to know how to serve my AARD etc in FL not PA?

So if I spoke to my probation officer(seeing as I would be appointed one I'm assuming) since I found the program in the area of FL that I'm from that offers DUI classes I could do this in FL after my court hearings and all? I would just let PennDot know so they can contact FL and let them know? This is my first offense as well.

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You need a Pa criminal defense attorney. The attorney can inquire whether you can move to Florida and merely report by phone or on line. You also need to file an affid with Pendot. It will be up to Pendot to notify Fla.


I suggest you retain counsel locally in PA and make it clear in the beginning what your objective is in that regard. Handling the ARD is pretty simple, checking the FL options and getting everyone on the same page will take some effort that is beyond the normal assignment in such a case.



So I found a program for DUI classes in FL. Print the info and bring with to show whoever my probation officer is and/or PenDot it is possible? Should I inform the judge of my plans at the arraignment to try and arrange something?

William A. Jones Jr.

William A. Jones Jr.


My recommendation remains unchanged. Having a trained advocate for your goal beats DIY. You might be able to pull it off yourself, but you only get one chance. If it means much to you make sure it has the best chance of success.


Yes it can be done. But arranging it can be tricky that is why and others on this forum would suggest getting an attorney.

Of course my answers are not the only source that you should rely on. Furthermore, its best to contact me about your Legal or Medical issues at my office number 215-240-7565. Licensed to Practice Law in PA and NJ. Medical PA license.

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