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I have a fix it ticket i didn't pay because the court was 50 miles away from home.

Lake Elsinore, CA |

I got a fix-it ticket in West Covina, Ca. I went and got my ticket sign off, i had my parents debit card on hand. no cash available on hand at the time. I was unable to pay the correct fee of 25$. Because of the name difference of my father. They now said i miss my court date, put a hold on my driving record. and gave me a 1600 dollar fine on top of what they had already done to my license. I live in a very large family of 17. It's hard to get anywhere in a mannerly fashion time period. Well i have a court appointment on March 26,2013. LOL.
What can i do to get my Ca License being suspended to active. And i was on Probation til May 2, 2012 from alot of speeding tickets. I'm doomed to never drive again.

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  1. This is similar but different facts from a question I just answered. Go see the judge and see if they will reduce it and put you on a payment plan. No guarantee.

    This is just my opinion and not a comprehensive answer. You assume the risk because this answer may not apply to your situation depending on the facts.

  2. You might be able to hire a lawyer to see the judge for you. But that would be the only thing you can do, try to get the judge to reduce and/or offer payments.

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  3. You need to see the judge and workout a deal with him/her. Tell the judge or your attorney everything that happened. If you wait too long a civil assessment and/or collection agency might get involved. After you resolve your case, make sure the court sends an abstract of judgment to the DMV to remove the hold on your license.

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