I have a dui warrant in california and I am in colorado. I'm told ca. will not extradite. but co. will arrest for the warrant?

Just what will colorado do with me? catch and release? deport me to utah? put me on a bus to ca.? (this I would like, as I can't afford to return on my own, I want to resolve this issue) but really, if I can't be returned to where the warrant was issued why would co. care?

Westminster, CO -

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Christopher Daniel Leroi

Christopher Daniel Leroi

Criminal Defense Attorney - Parker, CO

CO will likely do nothing to you. If CA will not extradite out of state. Then, CO will not arrest you. There is no catch and release - that is fishing. They do not "deport" or extradite you to UT. That would not be of any benefit. We do not "deport" people to UT, as it is quite a lovely state and would actually reward criminals for their conduct. They also do not put you on a bus to CA. You could get out anywhere on the way - like Las Vegas and spend the weekend partying and gambling. CO cares about the warrant because it is an interstate compact state with CA and will revoke your license here in CO as well as in CA.

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Michael Korry Bialys

Michael Korry Bialys

Criminal Defense Attorney - Newbury Park, CA

Colorado may arrest you, but it's unlikely California will extradite you, thus you will be released. Even at that, Colorado my not even arrest you. The truth is, because it's a misdemeanor warrant the only thing that will likely happen is that it will keep coming up on background checks and it may prevent you from getting a valid license in your state of residence.

Typically a lawyer can appear for you to resolve this issue without your even being present. . That would be the best course of action, so that this doesn't keep coming back to haunt you.

James C Forslund

James C Forslund

DUI / DWI Attorney - Englewood, CO

You may be taken into custody.

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