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I have a daughter who has a husband who was professional diagnoised with anger\bio polar and they are separated. She is wanting

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A divorce but can not afford one. She is making good money as a teacher but has no extra to combat a knock down drag out fight because he is all over the place from one day to the next. What can she do, any ideas? She is from Texas.

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    Most attorneys offer payment plans. If she is a teacher then she will probably not qualify for pro bono services.

    If he is bi-polar, she needs to find an attorney that is used to handling these type of people. She does not want to hire a newly licensed attorney to save money and end up wasting her money. She needs an experienced attorney that can "handle" mentally ill individuals.

    The judges in Harris County are used to these type of issues. So are experienced family law attorneys. So she needs to look around and find an attorney that she trusts and fees comfortable with and that she she feels will worth with her.

    She needs to quit trying to "work with him" and turn this over to an attorney The attorney won't play his games. He will have to comply with court orders and requests from the attorney. I find that this normally ends up being much more effective for the client that is used to trying to "make the spouse happy".

    She does need to be very careful. If he has anger issues, hiring a competent attorney will make him mad. This is truly the most dangerous time of their marriage. He could get dangerous. She might need to go into hiding to be safe. He will no longer to in control & might attempt to hurt or even kill her. I am very serious about this - I've lost a friend and a relative in such situations so I take this very serious. You need to stress to your daughter to be very careful! She needs to have an emergency plan - that usually means NOT going to your home! She needs to be able to go to a shelter to a home to someone he does not know! She might need to be able to miss work.

    She needs to notify her principal of the situation so they can alert security if he attempts to enter the campus.

    I know of an attorney that I can refer her to that I think would be very reasonable. 713-847-6000.

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  2. If she's working, I'm sure she can find an affordable attorney who can work out an affordable payment plan--it sounds like your daughter should get divorced sooner rather than later. Also, a good attorney will often have strategies to subdue some of the "knock down drag out"... Good luck!

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  3. There are several options for her to afford quality representation. The most common is to borrow, usually from family/friends or on a credit card. Also popular is to use community funds to pay a lawyer. In very rare cases she could obtain pro bono (free) representation, but I doubt it in her case. As her mother, you are the most likely person who would end up paying her legal bills.

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  4. You should hire Ms. Brooch stein or Mr. Walters both just gave expense free advice!